FAQ are detailed below to help identify our unique and bizarre process of how we turn a ordinary wooden slab, into a beautiful piece of functional art.

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Although dining tables are our most popular crafted item, we create many other items found in and outside the home and only limited to your imagination as resin furniture is so versatile.

Some other designs we have designed over the years are:

Coffee tables, hall stands, bed frames, bedside tables, buffet tables, tv units, counter bench tops, shelving, wall art, breakfast island bars, personal and commercial signage, barn doors, lamps, knife blocks, serving/charcuterie boards, chopping boards, coaster and many more.

This is the most asked question we get. Depending on the resin used, it can take up to 72 hours to get to its maximum hardness giving it a lot of time to enter into the tiny pours on the timber and bond on a molecular level. When the resin cures, it also creates an exothermic reaction (heat reaction) which also helps the resin to be pushed into the pours and create an even stronger bond with the timber.

Depending on the finish you choose, a couple layers of resin is poured over the top and bottom of the table, further locking the timber and resin in place, giving it a stability to last a lifetime. If the natural finish is chosen, the tables are braced thoroughly underneath so help protect that bond.

Yes, we have a multitude of different resin pigments, whether it be pearlescent or a flat pigment plus many dye’s/tints and even those colours can be mixed together to create colours you didn’t even know were possible.

Of course. There are many unique timber species and styles available here in Australia.

Most resin river tables online that customers bring to me are international timber species and not accessible sometimes here in Australia. There are many different options to achieve similar colourings and styles of timber such as staining the timber in certain colours and formations to mimic timber species from overseas. This works best with a gloss coating to lock the colour stain in and keep it looking fresh for its lifetime.

Short answer, yes.

We offer a level of warranty for all our products however there is some fine print with our dining tables. Our dining tables being the larger items, they can get quite heavy and highly used. We offer our resin pour/spray finish coatings which are the most resilient finishes, especially in high humid level areas such as the Gold coast where they are made and are best sealed with a resin coat or spray coat. If chosen this option, we give a lifetime warranty against warping, timber cracks, resin adherence problems, dipping etc. Basically everything except dancing on the table after a few margaritas.

The natural timber finish is still very resilient and the oils used to seal the timber keep it from harm however timber is an organic once living material so it can shift over the years and expand and contract slightly in certain weather conditions just as your door frames do when there is a prolonged period of heavy rain.

The resin river table allure has spread across the world for many reasons with lots of online tutorials on how to make a river table, giving way to a lot of backyard DIY table makers with minimal knowledge and lack of equipment to produce a remarkable finish.

We use only the highest quality and clearest resins with our furniture and attention to detail and finish is paramount.

If timber is not sufficiently dried to a certain moisture percentage, it is susceptible to warping, cracking and twisting as it dries in as little as a couple weeks. Our timbers are all initially air dried then finished with a slow kiln dried process insuring the perfect moisture content of the timber so once you get your furniture home, it stays flat and beautiful for years to come.

Apart from the forementioned material and knowledge benefits, we provide on-going updates on how your build is going with photos along its journey. We have had excellent feedback from customers knowing their piece is progressing and coming to life in ways they coouldnt imagine.