Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a versatile material with a wide range of applications, including creating artwork and providing durable coatings for floors and countertops. Its crystal clear properties make it ideal for resin art and encapsulating objects. Epoxy resin also offers durability, creating a tough, chemical-resistant surface for floors, countertops, and furniture. Its versatility allows for endless DIY adventures, from crafting river tables to personalized coasters or revamping old furniture. Whether an artist, DIY enthusiast, or homeowner, epoxy resin offers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Our epoxy resins are extremely user friendly and provide one of the highest quality finishes on the market due to its clarity, great bubble dispersion, low heat generation and casting ability.

All our beautiful designs are made with the exact same crystal clear resin we offer right here on our store.

  • 1.5L deep cast resin kit

    1.5L TWD Deep Cast Resin

  • 12L deep cast resin kit

    12L Deep Cast Resin

  • 3L deep cast resin kit

    3L TWD Deep Cast Resin

  • 6L deep cast resin kit

    6L TWD Deep Cast Resin

  • 750ml deep cast resin kit

    750ml TWD deep cast resin

  • Epoxy resin table kit

    TWD mid depth resin 1.5L kit

  • Wood Liquid

    TWD mid depth resin 12L kit

  • Wood Liquid

    TWD mid depth resin 30L kit

  • Wood Liquid

    TWD mid depth resin 3L kit